Sharon Scott Announces Re-Election Bid

Photo of Sharon Scott and Tina Vick.

Left: Tina Vick Right: Sharon Scott

Last night, at her monthly public forum, Sharon Scott formally announced her intention to seek re-election to her City Council North Seat. 

 About seventy people showed up for the event, including  Gabrielle Stevans, a student at Richneck Elementary, worked extra hard to help make the food drive a big success. She came with her Dad and her School Principal  Cheryl Flemings. Miss Stevens received an award from Councilwoman Sharon Scott. 

Also in the room was Councilwoman Pat Woodbury, Councilwoman Tina Vick and Sheriff Gabe Morgan. Police Spokesman Lou Thurston, his wife, and North Precinct Captain Grinstead made it as well, along with Shaun Brown, and Wendell Braxton, who is the Executive Director for the Office of Human Affairs. 

Watch for Sharon Scott to have a very well run campaign.


Carlton Ashby Announces for Re-Election.

Carlton Ashby (School Board South District) has formally announced his bid for re-election this May.

Click here for the link.

Sheryl Holmes Abbott to Make Formal Announcement

Sheryl Holmes-Abbott will make her formal announcement to become a candidate forNewport News City Council South District. (the seat now held by Vice Mayor Joe Whitaker)

 The announcement will take place:

 Friday, January 29, 2010

Newsome House-Museum & Culture Ctr

2803 Oak Avenue

Newport News, Virginia 23607


For more information call (757) 593-6763

Or visit


I will be there. Hope you will too.

Sharon Scott to Make Formal Announcement Monday

Sharon Scott will make her formal announcement that she is seeking re-election for her City Council North District Seat in the upcoming May election.

The announcement will be made Monday, January 25, at 7 p.m. at the North District Town Hall meeting.


American Legion Post 368
368 American Legion Drive, Newport News, VA 23608
(Off of Lucas Creek Road, behind U-Haul)

See you there.

Kids First! Dee Johnston Announces

 Sent in By Dee Johnston at Dan’s request.  Thanks.

Johnston Continues Quest to Support Students—Seeks 4th Term on Newport News School Board


Debbie H. “Dee” Johnston submitted initial paperwork to seek re-election to the Newport News School Board. Dee, as her friends know her, is a native of Bedford, Virginia, but has resided in Newport News since 1986. A mother of three and grandmother of one, Dee is a lifelong public servant who believes in the power of knowledge, and the awesome impact the teachers and administrators can have on the lives of students. This reason, along with many others, is the centerpiece of her decision to run for a fourth term on the board. Outside of her twelve years on the board, Dee is a past President of the Newport News Council of PTA’s, and she also offered her enthusiasm and vast knowledge to various school improvement teams. All of Dee’s children are products of Newport News Public Schools, and she wants the present students and those of the future to be beneficiaries of reform that encompasses sound policies of the past coupled with fresh, bold, ideas requisite to meet the demands of a changing economic structure.  Dee classifies herself as a “servant leader”, or a person who is always present to further needs of those who may not be able to speak for themselves. Her pleasant demeanor coupled with her vast experience in budget related issues makes Dee the wisest choice for a position on the Newport News School Board. Since becoming a board member, Dee has seen the Newport News Public School division go from absolutely no schools accredited to last year with all 42 schools fully accredited. In Dee’s eyes, this monumental achievement is not the work of one individual, but many. Dee wants to encourage debate and consistency to make sure that our schools keep this grand record for years to come. Her outside work as a medical technologist and Support Analyst for Bon Secours Health System, Inc. has led Dee to believe that Newport News’s children must be equipped with skills that will make them a success in this ever changing world—that our students need to be technologically competent to compete for jobs that have yet to be created. With your support for a fourth term, Dee wants to make certain that Newport News is overflowing with 21st Century learners . It is through the board’s efforts, and with Dee’s personal touch, that Newport News won the National School Board Association’s award for technology this past year. Likewise, Dee wants to use her vast knowledge on the budget, one that she has helped to maintain and work on for the last twelve years, to help lead the discussion on fiscal responsibility that preserves Newport News’s work force, while simultaneously cutting costs, promoting effectiveness, and guaranteeing efficiency. Simply put, Dee believes very much in the motto: Kids First! As a faithful public servant, Dee believes in transparency while campaigning for elective office, and encourages the Newport News populace to turnout for open debates. Two debates are scheduled by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) are April 8th at the City Council Building, and April 15th at the NNPS School Board Auditorium—both 6-9pm. Dee is dedicated to a selfless leadership that pursues the interest of our students above all else. Dee invites you to join her in her quest to make Newport News a beacon for other divisions across this great commonwealth. Vote Debbie H. “Dee” Johnston for the At-large seat on May 4th 2010—with your help Dee will continue to promote, protect, and support our students, and our schools.

The Announcement

 “I am very grateful for the show of support today at my announcement to run for Mayor of Newport News. In my church, this is the season of Epiphany which means awakening. I believe Newport News is awakening to new leadership, a new vision, and new possibilities. I want to be a part of that awakening by serving as your Mayor.

The vision for Newport News should be a SHARED VISION that reflects the needs of ALL the citizens. One only needs to look at the East End to know that they have not been included in that vision. Gangs are increasing in the North District, perhaps because their long awaited Community Center has been put on hold for several years. ALL parts of our city should be treated equally in order for us to be a great city.

I also believe in SHARED LEADERSHIP.  All council members have one vote including the Mayor and all should share in the leadership role by being able to represent their constituents with all the necessary information before a decision is needed. Better communication is essential and it should be celebrated (not criticized) that the four women work together, despite differing backgrounds and ideologies.

We must make our city more affordable so we retain our residents and attract new citizens to live, work and play. Workforce Development and jobs must be available to help more citizens be self sufficient.

I have been accused of saying “No” too much but I actually say, “Yes” much more often. I will continue to say “Yes” to efficiency and transparency in government, enhanced public safety, a stellar school system and more businesses…large and small.  We need to nurture and grow our businesses by streamlining the process of attracting and retaining them. They are the backbone of our community.

I admire and have learned from many leaders: Lincoln, Gandhi, FDR, and Martin Luther King, Jr. whose quote “It is always the right time to do the right thing” I will use to close. I believe the right thing for Newport News is to elect Pat Woodbury Mayor on May 4, 2010. ” – Candidate for Mayor Pat Woodbury.

Photo of Pat Woodbury and Grandchildren

Pat Woodbury and Grandchildren

About seventy people and two dogs showed up (so you know, that’s a really good turnout) for Dr. Patricia Woodbury’s announcement of candidacy for Mayor. 

 Among the crowd of supporters I noticed Cliff Dunn, James Feeney Carter, and Trischa Stall. 

The Campaign Kickoff included plenty of prayer, and  Dr. Woodbury’s message was  full of patriotism. 

She spoke of the need for transparency in our government.

 I’m with her on that one. 

She spoke of the problems with crime in our city,and the need to be tough on criminals. She spoke of the need to be fiscally responsible. 

During her speech, Dr. Woodbury endorsed Angela Herring for School Board Central District and Rick Jones for School Board At- Large. She said the two candidates “Get it.” 

Speaking of education, if she’s elected, you will be hearing more about the Kalamazoo Promise.

After the speech, most of the crowd scrambled off to Anna’s Pizza.

You can watch Pat Woodbury’s announcement tonight (Saturday, January 23rd, 2010) at 11:00 on News Channel 3.

BIG NEWS – Pat Woodbury to Announce Run for Mayor.

Councilwoman Pat Woodbury has filed her Statement of Organization, her Statement of Economic Interests, and her Certificate of Candidate Qualification.

I spoke with Councilwoman Woodbury a few moments ago, and she has confirmed that she will announce her candidacy for Mayor tomorrow (Saturday, January 23, 2010) at noon on the steps of the Daily Press.

I will be there. Hope you will too.