Sheryl Holmes Abbott Kicks off Campaign

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Sheryl Holmes Abbott kicks off her campaign for the City Council South Seat, Dr. Angela Herring formally announces her campaign, and the SCLC conference and Banquet is on as of 11:45 Saturday morning. They’re over at the Omni setting up now.
I will be there to cover the event.

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Passenger Rail and a New Look.

Went over to City Center and attended the Passenger Rail Public Hearing to see if it’s anything that might affect us here in Newport News.

About one hundred people showed up from all over the region. Among the crowd were Councilwoman Sharon Scott, Sharyn Fox, and candidate for Mayor McKinley Price.

Our own Mayor Joe Frank was the first speaker. He wants us to have three Amtrak runs from Richmond daily and then let the other trains run from Richmond to Petersburg to Southside.

Seems as though we are having a hard time getting the three trains to Newport News because CSX is running a tremendous amount of coal to the piers and they don’t want to share the line too much. (It is CSX’s line) 

Hope they get it all figured out.


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Neil Morgan Not Confirmed as City Manager Tonight.

Photo of Ashleigh Peterson came to represent the Girl Scouts.

Ashleigh Peterson came to represent the Girl Scouts.

The Boy Scouts went up front for a Proclamation. The Girl Scouts said the Pledge of Allegiance. It was kind of nice because I knew a lot of the children and their parents.

After the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts left, we had about twenty-seven people in the room, including Shaun Brown.

Quick meeting tonight. Not much on the agenda anyone could really do anything about.

Neil Morgan was not confirmed as the City Manager tonight. Well, let’s wait and see.

The Reverend who comes to City Council to speak out for the homeless (he gave up his home and lives with them now) said thank you to City Council and the City Manager for leaving the homeless camps in our city alone. The folks are now able to clean up their camps and live a little better.

City Council will  start at 7  p.m. beginning in March.


News from the City Council Workshop – In Brief

Summary of a two hour meeting.

Our water bills are going up. And the bills are going to be redesigned.

Did you know 1000 people work down at the Seaford Industrial Park? That’s that place under I-664 where you see all the fishing boats.

Saundra Cherry, candidate for City Council South District, was there for the whole meeting.

Councilman Bert Bateman wins for asking the most questions today.

Watch for Neil Morgan to be comfirmed as City Manager tonight.

Sharon Scott Announces Re-Election Bid

Photo of Sharon Scott and Tina Vick.

Left: Tina Vick Right: Sharon Scott

Last night, at her monthly public forum, Sharon Scott formally announced her intention to seek re-election to her City Council North Seat. 

 About seventy people showed up for the event, including  Gabrielle Stevans, a student at Richneck Elementary, worked extra hard to help make the food drive a big success. She came with her Dad and her School Principal  Cheryl Flemings. Miss Stevens received an award from Councilwoman Sharon Scott. 

Also in the room was Councilwoman Pat Woodbury, Councilwoman Tina Vick and Sheriff Gabe Morgan. Police Spokesman Lou Thurston, his wife, and North Precinct Captain Grinstead made it as well, along with Shaun Brown, and Wendell Braxton, who is the Executive Director for the Office of Human Affairs. 

Watch for Sharon Scott to have a very well run campaign.

Safe Schools in Newport News?

Newport News Politics is not a place where we search out reasons to attack elected officials.

The blog is however,  intended to be a place where our local government is brought into the open. The hope is to  inspire citizens to become more  involved in our local government. To realize that they can be a part of making our Newport News an even better community.

We all hear the stories about violence in some of the Newport News public schools. It’s no secret. Teachers and parents talk about the problem, but nobody really wants to come forward publicly. There are many reasons why, but nobody wants to come forward. And so, not much could really be done to address the issue.

Until now.

Yesterday, a parent openly made a comment on safety issues in the Newport News public schools.

The following comment was made  by Sharon L. Sherman  in response to Jeff Stodghill’s announcement to run for School Board.  I have spoken with Ms. Sherman and do have permission to move forward with her statements.

In her comment, Ms. Sherman is referring to Menchville High and Gildersleeve Middle School.

Hi Mr. Stodghill,
Thank you for taking the time to peel back the layers of educational needs in our school system. An area of major concern in our schools is bullying. It has increased because of the technological advancements that are in every students hands each day and that is the, ” cell phone.” I have experienced personally with my children the destruction it plays in the class room each day. Not only from fellow students but teachers alike. I am willing to work with you or anyone to reveal the private matters of this horrific problem. I have served on several committees for the PTA in the past. I would love to volunteer to help you succeed in getting your agenda’s addressed in the communities of Newport News. –  Sharon L. Sherman

Now that someone has come forward publicly, perhaps we can all acknowledge that there is a problem and work quickly and effectively to make all of our schools a safe enviroment.

 Want to get involved? Call your school board representitive. Encourage them to resolve the problem of  violence in our schools immediately.

Carlton Ashby Announces for Re-Election.

Carlton Ashby (School Board South District) has formally announced his bid for re-election this May.

Click here for the link.